Intermodal is the ideal complement to our over-the-road service. Like our international service, it is virtually transparent due to our partnership with Stevens Transport and the cooperative relationships we have with railroad companies in our intermodal network. B2B's trailers are handled by expedited, dedicated, high priority intermodal trains utilizing low vibration, articulated flatcars that eliminate slack. Our trailers can move from one railroad to another with minimum handling thanks to steel wheels interchange agreements that eliminate double handling.

The intermodal facilities utilized by the B2B/Stevens network are strategically located throughout the country. These facilities are equipped with state of the art, high-speed overhead cranes for expedient ramping and de-ramping. They are also capable of providing up to the date, accurate shipment status reports 24 hours a day through the EDI interface between railroads, B2B, and our customers. We even have implemented a network of monitoring stations throughout our intermodal system to verify temperatures and mechanical settings of equipment in transit.