International market opportunities are developing rapidly throughout North America and B2B is committed to helping your distribution networks capitalize on them. To assist in these growing marketplaces, we employ numerous bilingual professionals and regulatory experts well versed in the practices and cultures of these diverse regions and trained in specific procedures of border transportation.

By cultivating a relationship with us you'll reap the benefits of the world-class international transportation capabilities of our partner, Stevens Transport, and receive the support you need to complement and expand your own logistics programs. Seamless service from origin to destination is the key. Today B2B Transport has the ability to serve every Canadian province and all of Mexico with proficiency and trouble free communication. Our quality process and obsession with details consistently assure damage free shipments and on time delivery. We strive for 100% on time performance with a goal of zero defects. A strong commitment to communication is necessary to achieve these ambitious goals; B2B Transport has made that commitment.