Our early adoption of the latest technological advances benefits both our customers and the environment. It ensures we operate at peak performance, reduce costs, and consume fewer resources. Programs such as our electronic data interchange (EDI) system speed up useful communication between driver, customer, and Stevens Transport's logistical service centers and automate many formerly time-consuming tasks. By offering our employees the best possible training with cutting-edge technology in hand, we are able to use these technological advances to their maximum potential.

Programs & Partnerships

  • QUALCOMM MCP200 – Mobile operations platform increasing performance and productivity. Communicate, monitor and share two-way information with our entire fleet.
  • OptiSet by Thermo King – Trailer solutions ensuring product quality with optimal set points.
  • Auxiliary Power Units (APU's) by Thermo King – Stevens Transport is 100% fleet equipped with TriPac APU's eliminating unnecessary idling while keeping drivers comfortable.
  • Manhattan Associates – Optimization software planning routes and providing strategic fueling solutions.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – Online communication tools speed up correspondence & save paper.
  • MapTuit NaviGo – In cab navigation providing interactive turn by turn directions while increasing routing efficiency.
  • Weather Master Dispatch – Keeps drivers updated regarding weather and road hazards.
  • TCHEK – Data transformed into intelligence.
  • Web'nTransit – Online reporting tool sharing key information with our fleet. EZ Pass and PrePass equipped. Help keep us rolling to maximize performance.
  • TransFlo – Expedite processing bills of lading after load completion ensuring product delivery.
  • Digital Imaging (POD Requests) – Scan bills of lading and receive pertinent data.