Diversity Programs

In effort to achieve goodwill and recognition as responsible corporate citizens, many Fortune 500 companies (and smaller entities) have established internally mandated directives to make good faith efforts to support small and minority owned businesses for a percentage of their operations. Additionally, companies that have entered into government contracts are often required by the specific entity to conduct a stated percentage of business with minority owned companies. Such programs, whether internal or government mandated, are often initiated throughout all purchasing aspects of these organizations: technology, transportation, warehousing, construction, banking, etc. They are viewed favorably by board members, consumers, shareholders, and the community as a whole. Many even offer a mentoring program to aid ambitious vendors and suppliers.

Though the standards differ throughout various industries, these companies look to support independent businesses that are 51% owned and operated by one or more socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. This status may include members of minority races, cultures, ethnicity, religions, and even women-owned businesses.

Diversity programs reward small minority owned businesses, which have demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit and a history of success. In many cases, these relationships also benefit the purchasing company itself as managers and employers of these minority owned businesses may be able to provide new insight and innovative ideas for serving their diverse customer bases. Some programs have been recognized for their leadership roles by such prestigious organizations as the NAACP, the National Minority Business Council, and the League of Black Women.

Minority suppliers within the $450 billion transportation industry often find themselves in high demand because such business relationships are ongoing and thus allow the hiring company to achieve, if not exceed, their targeted percentages for the program over the long term. B2B Transport is uniquely qualified to serve their customers and help them meet their diversity objectives. While being a minority owned and operated business, the owners and team of professionals (included those at Stevens) have attained tremendous experiences in the industry and a long successful track record of serving Fortune 500 companies and other smaller entities. Very few other minority-owned trucking companies can make this claim.